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26" mudlites on stock rancher 400

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would 26inch mudlites work okay on a stock 400rancher AT, i was thinking 26x10x12 front, 26x12x12 rears, mounted on a set of douglas rattlesnake wheels.. Will the wheels clear without a lift?, and will they spin okay in the mud (meaning motor has enough stock?). Any help is great!!!!

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I bought 26'' Mudlite XL's and the tires spin pretty well, no clearance issues except gained about 1.5 inches of ground clearance. see pic.

not sure where you guys are from but a set of 26" ITP HOleshot ATR's would be great for the ultimate trail ride....A few friends have them that's why i suggest them.they seem to do quite well for everything exept the big mud holes...which can be avoided if needed.
I sold a 2005 400 Rancher AT to a friend. He in turn put 27 inch ITP Blackwaters all the way around. They definately fill the wheel wells but did fit and don't rub. Just my input.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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