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2500 LB. winch enough?

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Is a 2500 LB. winch powerful enough for a 500 Foreman? Or should I look at something bigger like 3000 or 3500 lbs.?
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The 2500 will be plenty unless you plan on pulling out trucks!
the 2500 warn works great for me as long as their is a tree around or somebody else you'll be fine
I think the " calculation " is 3 times the weight of you and your bike added up... From what I hear. That or use a tackle and loop it and then back to your bike before you pull. Apparently doubles the pullin' power.
My bro-in-law has pulled my Foreman out of deep, sloppy mud with his 1500 Warn on a Recon!! I have the 2500 Warn and it has plenty of power to do the job.

Like was mentioned earlier, use a doubles the pulling power if you are in doubt. There is a kit that has a tree saver, snatch-block, and other little odds and ends for around $50 that is well worth it.
QUOTE ("seltzer":1k7tz2mi)
use a doubles the pulling power if you are in doubt. There is a kit that has a tree saver, snatch-block
What are these things and how do you use them????
Here's a link explaining their basic function.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... igcalc.htm</a>

1 & 2 are the only ones to really apply to winching out an ATV. The ATV would be the brick, the tree would be the top bar (on this diagram).
i hav a 2500 on mine & it has never failed me ... well just as long as there is a tree around.
2500lbs winch for foreman 500

I have a 2500lbs on mine. Works great. But I heard that a snatch block will take less amp draw and double the power. I bought one and 2000lbs turned into 4000lbs and I love every bit of it. You can get a snatch block off of ebay for less then $25.00 ship to your door
i have a 2000lb winch on mine and the noly problem i've had is the foreman sliding when i pull out another atv
I've got a Warn 2500 on my rubi and its all I need
tools also

get a folding boat anker at wly world for 12 bucks and a sheep hammer pound int ground hook up cheep pull pall works good for little stucks just enough to get off ruts and such if ure high centered and no trees and alone i found out the hard way also keep an etool 'ENTRENCHING tool" a folding shovel get at army navy stores for real ones that are tough and have a minni pick-ax combo to dig my slfout or shop away fallen trees
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