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250 fourtrax

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what would be the best tires to put on a 1985 honda 250 fourtrax
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glad to see i'm not the only one with one of those models still knockin around
I've got an 87 250fourtrax
if it is a racing atv i would but some holeshot's on it and if it is a utility id put some Mud Lites or 589's
Go with the mud-lites. My brother has the same bike. We just put some new 25" mudlites on there and he can keep up with the 4x4's - no problem. It really made a difference. You have to remember this is a 20 yr old bike, so to put some gnarly, meaty, heavy tires on there would be too much stress on things.

What a bulletproof bike though. I've seen my brothers go through some amazingly huge mud holes. A lot of it is rider skill, but you won't be disappointed with the mud-lites.

Good luck.
im glad i aint the only 1 either rollin on a oldy. ive got an 1986 4x4 fourtrax 350. its a pullin machine
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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