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25 or 26 Bighorns

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I'm planning on getting Bighorns for the rubi in acouple of weeks I would like to hear some opinions from anybody who has them. I can't decide wich size to get . I ride all types of terrain mostly fast trails. I usually only go through mud when I have to. Basically my question is, is the weight of the 26's going to be worth the added ground clearance, Being that my last quad was a sport
I would like to keep the rubi as fast as possible. how much power am i going to lose. I am also going to put on a hmf qs1 pipe, jet kit, and air filter I would also like to hear from yall how much power these mod will give it. And will any of these mods void my warranty. Thanks!
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I would go 26's.
Yep, 26's without a doubt.
Definitely go with 26" tires.
Yes go with the 26"

I went with 26X9X12 for the front
and 26X12X12 for the rear

With all of the stuff I have in my box's
it's alot more stable and I only lost about
3mph on the top end, I have no other mods.

Oh this is the latest pic of my horns they have over
3000 miles on them

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i put over 6000km on mine and a friend of mine is still running the back ones. i got 25 witch = 26s
if you want speed i would go with 25", i think they even have more tread then the 26".
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