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2022 DCT operation

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Love the machine, but.....what is up with the claim of cruise mode and sport mode?

My unit will NOT upshift unless I go fast. Under easy acceleration the RPM is super high before it will auto shift into second gear. Tried letting off the throttle and it decels instead of shift. And if i override and shift into 3rd or 4th, it whams back dowm after a few seconds. What is the trick to haveing these things "learn" driving style. My 2003 was really nice auto shifing. This thing not so much yet. Wrote Honda, they were useless, call dealer. We know what that will get you. Bring it in. We dont know..... Why can i not find any info on this claim of technology that it will go by itself at a easy pace? Did I screw up the brain by not using auto enough? IS this what a reset would, um, reset? I am not seeing this cruise mode they speak of. Does anyone have one of these and go like 10mph and it shifts through second to third and stays there without revving fast?
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Well, we bought two Rubicons in 2020 - DCT-IRS-EPS - and at the beginning, they shifted like crap, only to find out that their was a PCM recall / update for the 2020 and 2021 models. After we had this done, these things literally shift like butter, zero issues with downshifting or upshifting, and we didn't do anything out of the norm from the beginning. When I'm hunting, I mainly use the ESP - but when we are trail riding, it seems to pick up your riding style just fine. The more aggressive we seem to ride, does defiantly change the shifting patterns, maybe you should to see if your model needs the update, other than that, 800 or so miles latter, we love the.
Good luck
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