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2021 Honda Rubicon PS light blinking randomly

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So as the title says, went to crank the 4wheeler Saturday and it was dead. Jumped it off and immediately noticed the PS light blinking intermittently. No real pattern. It will drive fine. On startup it struggles and sort of revs up high and then idles fine.

The 4wheeler was totally fine before this. I had it left on the battery tinder for a couple weeks. Took it off the tinder 24 hours prior to this issue. I took the battery cables off and on and re-tightened them yesterday and the issue still exists.

Also to note, I have a wetsounds soundbar on this machine and when it is running there is a green light on (which indicates some sort of electrical issue) and it will play music but cut out, HOWEVER if the machine is off and I turn the sound bar on, under just the battery power, there is no green light and it will play music perfectly.

I have read some people finding that it is just a bad ground somewhere on the machine, but how do I find all of the ground spots on the motor?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Just to follow up, it was the battery. On the tinder it had enough to start the wheeler but while running did not have enough for the electrical system to handle.
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