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2020 Honda Rubicon Tire Options

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Hi All - It's time to replace my tires on my 2020 Rubicon. I currently have stocks on now and haven't found many issues with them. Just looking at different after markets which may give additional benefit. I heard good reviews on ITP Mud Lite XTRs but wanted to hear further opinions/reviews on them or other brands. I do not want to add tires that require any fender bending/cutting or add too much weight to where I don't have the same suspension travel. I'm thinking I'll stay with 25-8F/10R-12. I'm assuming a 26 will fit as well.

95% of my riding is on Forest Service 50" or less trails. 95% of that riding involves packing hunting/camping equipment so my wheeler typically is always carrying quite a bit of weight.

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I had a few sets of the Mud Lite XTR's on my Polaris quads before, good tires, but when I bought my 2020 Honda Rubicon, with less HP, I went with the Maxxis Zillas because they are a much lighter tire, still has a pretty smooth ride and a little more aggressive thread. So far, I really like these tires.
Good luck with your decision
Have been running Bighorn for years with no punctures. Excellent all purpose tire.
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