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2017 TRX420 Rancher HELP!

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Hi everyone, I recently acquired a 2017 TRX420 rancher and have some questions for the 4 wheeler guru's knowledge....

Wouldn't start, replace battery end and bought a new battery.

Turns on and powers up....Hello Honda....good....then the service maintenance lights comes on, along with the fan and shows HOT.....

No way!!! If you're still reading, you are a 4 wheeler nerd 🤓

Anyhow, turn it over and missing or "alligator chomping on a log" sound, so that's good....?....right?
Drove it 20 feet, good power, shift to 2nd and shut it down.
Let it cool down, made it shiny and clean, and started investigating 🔎 😎 Radiator full with coolant, oil about 1.25 quarts short, air filter clean, uh....where's the manual.

Headed to the store and picked up supplies.
Filled oil and reset the maintenance still comes on and show hot....noticed the flashing codes.....7 short blinks.

Ok Knuklebuster, where is the owners manual....where is the dang thing....Yes I am a girl....well older then that and beyond lady or woman...

If you're still reading then you might be
A "4Wheeler Guru!!! (or God) If that's your thing.

So what's wrong with it how do I fix it?

Thanks 😊
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Owners manuals are under the back plastics, over the battery.

You should copy and paste your post over at you will get better answers there.
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