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Hi all,

Saw mud puppy's video about relocating vent lines, and thought it would be a good idea to do this myself since i go in deep water quite a bit. I though i would use a different approach though, i'm not crazy about having them in the headlight pod. What i did was tap into the crankcase vent line, that goes into the airbox, put a tee fitting off of that into a small manifold that creates four other barb fittings to go off of, then run hoses to both diffs, the gas tank vent, and radiator fan vent. Then run a standalone vent from the coolant overflow tank into a higher location, since i dont wan't any coolant to wind up in my crankcase/diffs. I don't see it being necessary to run the water pump one higher since technically if water does get up there it wouldnt have anywhere to go and would just find its way back out, but i might be wrong? Any input on the subject would be appreciated!



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