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hi, first post, read a few posts on code 11. I get one long, one short
in the engine, differential, and 4wd lights. The engine runs good.
I jacked up the front end and the 2wd, 4wd and differential lock
works as should. This first started when i drove through a creek.
Water just came up to the floor boards. 10 minutes later i got
engine and diff lights 23 code. Read a few posts and took
their advice and dried out the connector and die greased it.
while i was at it i did the diodes and relays. Code 23 turned
into code 11. So if the atv runs good and shifts should i just
ignore the flashing code? One more thing, if the front diff
connector is prone to water, why does Honda keep placing it so
far down when theres lots of room to place it a foot higher?
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