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2016 RUBY FM7 Can't be good noise

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Trying to pinpoint why what where these noises are coming from under my wheeler mainly in the rear end. My Go Go Gadget Ear won't stretch that far lol. It sounds like between popping, clanking , kind of like horse gallop or a combo of all 3.It doesn't matter if I'm on straight flat surface, mid/rough bumpy trail or having to maneuver. In 2 wheel 4 wheel of Dif lock I hear it.

A while back I went from a 2002 Foreman 450 S to the 2016 Rubicon 500 Deluxe FM7 ( big difference especially with IRS rear end ) The right front CV Axle has been changed rode it again starting hearing popping in the back, Hubby diddnt hear it ( i swear he thought i went crazier hearing things ) A friend rode it a lot harder then I do & the rear yoke broke so that was replaced BUT I'm still hearing the same noise. They both have went over everything & they don't see anything. I've also noticed anytime I've been in a bind or turning the right front is popping again.

We're at a loss on what it could be. I'm a bit actually a lot more cautious then most with really good hearing. The sounds its making I don't feel comfortable riding it right now since I'm a Arm Amputee until its fixed or I find out that's "normal" sounds.

I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions
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