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2015 Rubicon not getting fuel

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2015 Rubicon with less than 100 hours on it not getting fuel. Problem started when I ran low on gas. After refilling it would run fine except at Full throttle where it would misfire and almost die. If you would let it idle for a little bit, it would catchup and run fine again except at WOT. I put in new fuel filter thinking it may have clogged. Made no difference. Yesterday it died while running at slow speed, misfiring right before it died. Now it will not start, not even trying to start. Checked spark and it is good so definitely seems to be fuel problem. Any ideas best place to start checking. I know carburetors but not this fuel injection system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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When you drained it, did the fuel flow out of the hose at a good and steady pace?

There is no petcock on these bikes ,fuel pump and filter are inside the tank.
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