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2015 Rubicon 500 intermittent ESP issues?

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My Rubicon has been acting weird lately, It will run fine for hours and all of the sudden throw code 24 (shift motor control circuit). Sometimes all it takes it to turn the key on & off to fix, and sometimes it takes an hour+ to get the code to clear. I have power to the shift motor, i've jumped it off of 12V. I replaced the angle sensor & nothing has changed. Still intermittent failure. Now another concern is that when i get this code blinking the bike does not start at all. Electrically, manual pull start nothing. I use my emergency shift tool and i can hear it hitting into gear. I can feel 5th and i can feel 1st. however it dosnt register on the dash that its in gear, therefore cannot start the bike? Ive taken apart the shift motor twice now. both times had some mucky water in it. Just ordered a new one, but starting to sound like i have more than one issue? any input would be very much appreciated.
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