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Hey all, I just installed winches on both my 2015 rancher ES 4x4 and my parents 2016 Rancher DCT 4x4. The 2015 has a 3000lb champion winch and the 2016 has a 2000lb champion winch. For anyone looking to install a winch on their similar machine I highly recommend the products below. I will post pictures of each soon. Also be aware that there is some minor cutting of plastic trim to get the winch to fit but of course that's going to be worth it to have the winch on the machine. The champion winches come with a fairlead and mounting plate but they will not fit in these machines, you will need to get a specific mounting plate (like the one listed below) and a fairlead that will fit. Wiring harness that comes with the winch is easy to install as well and tuck/tie to the frame under the panels.

I used:
KFI 101175 winch mount bracket -
KFI ATV fairlead -
Champion 2000 lb ATV winch -
Champion 3000 lb ATV winch -
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