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2012 Foreman questions from a new guy..

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Hello all, I have a few questions. I have a new 2012 Foreman that I want to do some mods on. I've already built a custom front bumper and I'm gonna do the 3rd Head Light switch. I would like to add more power, a lift, some tires, boot skids and a rear seat for the wife.
What power mods are out there for this bike and where can I find them?
Who makes the best lift for what I have?
What size tires can I turn without bogging down the motor?
Anybody recommend stock wheels with spacers?
What about aftermarket tires for stock wheels?
If I do any of those things, will it void the warranty?
Where can I find one of the small amps for an audio tube? Reliable Brands? How many Watts for 6.5" speakers? How much $$?
What are some good night driving lights I can add to my quad without killing the battery?
Most of my driving is in the woods with only minimal mud. I have a few small water holes where I ride but nothing real deep. Thanks for all replies and responses.
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welcome to the forums, wow that's alot of questions!!! lol, ok as far as power mods u can do an exhaust, air filter, gear reduction if you have bigger tires (29 and up)... there's alot of good lifts, but the two that come highly recommeded are highlifter and ssatv lifts,but there are quite a few out there. The foreman can turn 28's no problem without any modifications!!!! you can put any tire on your stock wheels as long as the last number is a 12 on the tires your looking at, for example you have 25 8 12 on the front now so you can put 28 10 12 on your fronts if you want. hope that makes sense to you. as far as your warranty is concerned check with your dealer, there all different. just google all that other stuff and there's also a serch bar here and you can look at old posts that will answer most all your questions
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Its got plenty of power for what its made for. Tires, I wouldnt go any bigger than 27in. The way you described your riding, I would stay away from any "mud only" tire. Other than that, its wide open for a tire. I run Swamplites they are a good all round tire, but they are alot out there. I know theres a lift out there, there was a thread about it a few days ago. Spacers will do fine on stock rims and aftermarkets too. And by the way, Welcome to the forum, from Georgia. One thing you didnt ask......... but get you a winch
a Warn if you can. Just dont go cheap.
Thanks for the input. I've already got a Warn winch. Had it put on before my quad left the dealer. I knew I'd use it with or without being on the trail. I've been looking at the swamp lites because most people are raving about them. As far as size, I doubt anything over 27" will be practical for me. The lift is mainly for clearance for logs and limbs and the spacers are to broaden the track and help with stability. Anyone else have input on skids, spacers, brands, companies to buy from, audio tube amps, running lights, etc.? Thanks.
i just got these spacers from ebay sti aluminum 1.5 inch. Auto part Hardware accessory
these are top notch... rockymountainatv, motosport, highlifter, and ebay are all good places to start your search...... there was just a thread a couple days ago about audio tubes and there were some good places and pics to get them from. for skids plates check out aluminum products and ricochet. both make them for the 2012 model
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Skids-Aluminum products and recochet
spacers-Highlifter, STI. Look at these two, then find cheaper ones with the same specs on ebay.
Matter of fact google you questions. Wheelspacers, lifts, audio tube etc. Make some choices. Than come back and ask about a specific brand. Because you are going to get so many different replies you might be more confused then when you started. You can also do a thread search on here too. I hope this didnt come across as an insult or belittling. Good luck we are here to help.
I just finished building my audio tube today and I bought my amp and speakers from ebay. I got a 500w amp and 200w marine boss speakers it sounds great. btw welcome to the forum
welcome to the forum !
Thanks for all of the suggestions and help guys.. Now if I can get my pics uploaded, you can all see the bumper that I built. Only pic is on my profile and it doesnt do the hard work any justice. Gonna build a rear one before too long. Majority of my riding will be done on a pine plantation with lots of underbrush. Im seeing already that my tires are gonna be an issue so Ill be looking at those. Thanks again for the input!
cool looking forward to seeing this bumper!!!!
thread revival for bumper pics!
welcome to the forum from northen illinois
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