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I am at the end of my wits with this piece of junk. I bought this machine brand new in 2009 with the vision of bulletproof, reliable “HONDA” illusion dancing in my head.
It’s been pretty much anything but that in its life- from constant electrical and sensor issues (throttle position sensor multiple times, shift position sensor twice, the handlebar cluster with all the non-reparable switches are, etc) to having to have the carb rebuilt a couple years ago (despite always running good, non-ethanol gas in it and never leaving gas in it when not in use an extended time).

I even had the entire wiring harness redone a couple weeks ago—- I’m in this thing over $1000 just in the last 6 months!

And the latest- ever since I got it back from the wiring harness re-do,gasolineis disappearing from it SOMEWHERE. It seems to be running fine-doesn’t smell like it’s running rich. Yet going through nearly a full tank of gasoline with literally less than two hours accumulated riding. My daughter has a bad habit of leaving the choke on, especially when tank getsdown to two “bars” on the digital gauge... because it won’t stay running when it gets that low (did t use to be that way—- ).

I have put stuff under it where parked in the shelter to see if there is gasoline leaking somewhere. No sign of a leak. Ive chased all the fuel lines- some are a bit stiff, but none appear cracked and none show signs of any leaking.

I’ve checked the oil to be sure it doesn’t show signs of gas contamination (has all fluids changes when it was in the time before least- about 8 running hours ago, or 14 miles on the odometer).

I’m done pouring money into this pile of junk... but figured I would give y’all a chance to come up with some “logical” explanation.
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