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2008 problems

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When it is real cold my electric shift locks up. at first I thought it had moisture in it. So I brought it in my shop all day at 75 deg. When I took it back out side I got to fourth gear and she frooze up. I was able to contimue using it but only in 4th.
Any Ideas?????
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Be careful. If you use it in a high gear like that (4th) you can easily burn up that centrifigal clutch.
QUOTE ("winrex":2h1rt0ib)
Any Ideas?????

move south
try adjusting the clutch, flasing any codes??
leave it out on the trailer all night and then take it to the shop.
You may need to test your batteries voltage.... The ES models need a strong charge to function. That would be were i'd start.
If it is an 08 under warrenty, it needs to be brought back to the dealer. You should not be having a problem. It could be a bad sensor...maybe.
My own fix!

I took my wheeler into the shop. They could not get it to happen again. Then two days later it did it again, so I am going to put manual shift on it. that will fixer right up. "Old school!"

Thanks for your guys input!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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