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When do the 2007's come out?
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should be soon because back before i had my forman i had a 2 wheel drive rancher that i bought at a dealer and it was july 13 2004 when i got it and they didnt have any 04 ranchers left they were all 05's so thats what i ended up getting
I thought it was always in Sept.
It may depend on what part of the country you are in.......but they told me that there was no way that they could get me an 04 because that is what i wanted because there was a $800 price differance between the two
Why do you want an 04?
Procycle in Columbia Mo has 2 NEW 2004 Rubicons and a Rancher AT.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... =8&manid=1</a>
I bought my '06 last August.
i thought they always came out august too.
deleted..thought i was posting a pic of 2007 models which turned out to be a bad photoshop job..sorry..deleted..
Big daddy i am not looking for one i am just saying that when i did get my rancher that i wanted an 04 because there was a 800 dollar differance between the two it was july of 2004 when i bought the rancher and i couldnt get an 04 i had to get an 05 i have a foreman now
i found this pic of their prototype atv with dual exhaust
where'd you find that pic
That was going around before the rincon came out, that's old news.
2007 Phots

I believe these are the 2007 models, didn't see much change, 07 still has drum rear brake.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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