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2007 Rubicon price?

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I can get a new 07 Rubicon out the door with a extended warranty to make it four years for $7100. Do you think that is a good deal? What would be the first mods for it? Looking at 26" mudlites and a winch, anybody have a venom winch or is warn the way to go?
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That seems allright. You'll love that machine. I always put a winch on first then tires. I just put a #3000 Ramsey wireless with a Warn mini rocker and so far and I love it. I bought it at, they run good deals on winches. You might want to look at the Aluminum Products skid plate hook holster to go with the winch; you get the winch mount plus front skid, I really like mine. Good luck with machine, they're smoooooth as silk!!!

I just bought a 2006 rubicon. price was as follows. $6400 Out the door and the extended 4 year plan was $370. no tax. Its my local honda dealer. owner is a personal friend of mine. I know he has them in red, black, green. hope this helps!
Hey hrchdog, This is how I Look at it, get the best deal you can from a good reliable source and feel comfortable in knowing you did well. Its not worth saving $300 and pi$$ing off your local dealer who you will need from that point on. Now if you would save 15% or more than you gotta tell your local to come close or deal with it. I think you did well.

As for the winch, I have both a new warn and new venom. At the level of your new investment I would reco the warn. Its definately the best there is. Not to say the Venow doesn't do its job, for the money its a great winch but warn is the leader for a reason.

Good Luck.

Don't know where you are, but check out Located in Chattanooga, Tn. they have the lowest out the door prices in the nation. And no tax for out-of-state. Easy to deal with, can be all arranged on phone and it'll be waiting with the paperwork when you arrive for pickup.
I got a brand new '06 Rubicon for $5983.00 out the door. That's it and thats the truth. Check them out.

Heck, a few months before that I got a '06 Recon for $2983.00. With what I saved between the two over my local dealers, I got the Recon for free!http://

I'm on the Indiana/Ohio state line and its not worth it for me to drive 8 hours+ to save 400 bucks.
Re: price

QUOTE ("jspeedracer":1jzmnmd8)
I'm on the Indiana/Ohio state line and its not worth it for me to drive 8 hours+ to save 400 bucks.
I was replying to hrchdog post, that's who asked the question

For him it would be a $ 1117.00 savings, not including any tax he may pay.
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