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2007 Honda Foreman ES - Troubleshooting the ESP

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Need your help...

I recently had the Electric Shift on my 2007 Honda Foreman replaced. Since I've had it back, I noticed when I'm parked (ATV running or not) and shift, there is now a hesitation. For example, whenᅠ I ᅠupshift from Neutral to 1st, once I push the button, it shifts immediately. If I upshift from 1st to 2nd (or 3rd), it won't shift immediately. There will be a pause/hesitationᅠ and ᅠfor those of you who have a Foreman with ES, you know when you push that ᅠbutton, up or down, you here that "click". Well now there is two clicks; once before the hesitation and once after. ᅠEven the gear display hesitates. It sounds like the first click is the ES and the second click is the gear shifting. Also understand that it doesn'tᅠ only happen on the same gear or while upshifting. It could happen on 4th one time while downshifting and then on 2nd while upshifting...or not at all.

Now, I took my ATV back to the dealer and they told me there was nothing wrong with it. First they told me it could be the ᅠbattery, but as some of you know, when the Foreman is running, the ES doesn't pull off of the battery. Second they told me it's "in my head" and that the Foreman have a rolling clutch, so I need toᅠ be moving in order for it to shift properly. I'd be fine with that explanation, but that is not how it functioned before they replaced the ES.ᅠ

Any thoughts from the mechanically inclined? Thanks in advance.
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actually when you battery is low it will effect your ESP system even if it is running
Sitting still and shifting your having this issue. Hard to explain but sitting still and if you go past first the bike has trouble with no movement. Mine does this as well and so do the ranchers that I have. The es works fine if there is rpm on the motor or movement.

try burning threw the gears a few times while going down a straight away.
1998-01 TRX450ES the ESP was not dependent on the bikes battery (but the bike had to be running)
2002-04 TRX450FE the ESP needs a good battery (for the ECM to test/check sensors for trouble codes) ...
2005-08 TRX500FE the ESP needs a good battery also ...
When burning through the gears, it shifts fine. No hesitation at all. My buddies foreman and rancher don't seem to have this problem (if I can call it that). I just want to make sure when I hit the Hatfield/McCoy trails, I'm not going to run into any problems.
Try rocking back and forth, chances are the gears aren't ingadging because of no movement or momentum.
I have to agree with your dealer on this one.My Recon ES does the same thing.If the bike is sitting still it won't shift....Try rocking the bike and I bet it'll go right in.
Thanks for the feedback everyone...greatly appreciated!
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