I have a 2007 Foreman 500FM that has a rusted frame and broken steering column. I was going to replace the steering column and get this expert welder I know to fix the frame but he's kind of busy so I'm second guessing that one. He works on airplanes so his time is valuable, even though I know he would do it, I hate to pull him away but if I can't get something out if this then I will.
So now I'm thinking of selling the whole thing, everything works on it, lots of new stuff being the age, rebuilt rear end, lots of new bearings and stuff. I've got all the panels for it as some are off and it's a complete unit. The first gear needs replacing as this one is the two dogged one and has never been replaced. The motor runs excellent and it's a good machine. I'm in South Texas north of Houston, will have to pick up or I can meet somewhere but would require a deposit.