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2007 Foreman 500ES Front Bumper Painting

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Can anyone tell me if they have ever painted the front bumper to match the rest of the rack. Same texture as the rest of the racks(NOT RHINO lined). I am looking for a SLICK paint job..... Any help is greatly appreciated....
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Regular spray paint or maybe get it powder coated. Both should do the trick for you.
i rhino lined mine and it really was worth it.
I painted my rims, engine, racks, bumpers x2, exhaust, cv guards, bash plate with rustoleum primer and flat black . I did the rims/engine/exhaust with rustoleom high heat bbq paint. I did the rest with rustoleum flat black as a base and tan & brown camo scheme. make sure to scuff the racks and rims prior to painting, it helps the paint to adhear, also removes tree sap and dirt . I'll post some pics soon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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