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2007 camouflage

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I have to say the new camo on the 07 rubi's is just plain good looking.
It is the best camo I have seen on an ATV, not just in looks but in quality.
Makes me want to drop off my reds for camo.

On a side note, I have found that my rubi is a gas guzzler. I go thru it's 4.2 gallon tank faster than my 03 foreman can drain it's 3 something gallon tank, and even faster than my 03 recon drains its 2 somethin gallon tank.

I live at 6700 feet and plan on playing with the jets in my carb to fix this up, but I was wondering if anybody else has this same feeling that the rubi's are gas hogs.

I feel that one large reason for the gas addiction is the transmission.
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I have an '06 Foreman and I ride with a friend on his '03 Rubicon.When we stop for gas he takes 1 and 1/2 times what I use.
Most of the people I ride with ride 450's. I use about 1 gal. more on a 30
mile ride.
My crew is a Ranger, two King Quads, another Rubi and a Rancher so we are all in between.
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