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2006 Rubicon

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Well Travis, your wish has come true.

For 2006 the Rubicon will be released in BLACK. Also mentioned are the two wheel drives will be released in BLUE (Recon, Rancher & Foreman).

As far as the sport bikes go BLACK plastic will replace YELLOW too.

The info was released in the RedRiderATV Magazine. I am loooking for online pics of the new color.
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Will the black body fit a foreman?? Should right? Probably be an extra hole where the shifter is supposesd to be though, I can live with that.
I don't see any difference other than one piece of plastic. Maybe they will release it on the Foreman later, since it is such a minor change.
Im gonna have to go BLACK
There's no turning back.
You know what they say....

once you go black, you never go back

I always seem to buy things one year too soon

A black Foreman would be nice. until it is August and the bike is 190 degrees that is
I you are right, I might need to buy all black plastic myself. I would match the rinny then.
guess i am gonna have to get the plastics and see if they fit or buy another rubicon
do you guess think i can get all the stuff for it and change my hole thing over to the new style
here is a pic
According to the Honda web site, the 2006 Rubi will have a larger carb, 36mm vs 33 for the old one. Anyone know if this will make a noticeable difference?
Probably barely noticable, if at all.
i am sure if you put mods on both of them youll feel the diff between the two
In theory more air and fuel is more power!
The '05 Rubi has more power than the '04, so in theory, the '06 will be even better!
QUOTE ("QuadJockey":21chxq44)
The '05 Rubi has more power than the '04, so in theory, the '06 will be even better!
What did they do to the 05 Rubi to make it have more power than the 04?
i think they changed the carb a lil
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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