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2006 Rincon wont start

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Hi there, I just got a 2006 Rincon and im am new to the rincon world, the Rincon doesnt run ran two weeks ago and was laid on its side hasnt run since then put a new plug in cylinder had no fuel in it I hear the fuel pump come on for a couple seconds, no codes showing, seem to have spark pulled the fuel injector off a lil fuel came out, put on a new air filter, filter box was dry, it turns over seems to me a bit slow, took battery out charged it and had it tested, I have the servive book, ust not sure were to look from here would the angle sensor be bad? although my thoughts are if that was bad you wouldnt here fuel pump plus id think a code would trip
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Are you hearing the fuel pump cycle or the iacv? The iacv makes a loud sound compared to the whine of the fuel pump. If you have fire at the plug it's not the bank angle sensor.

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yep i hear both they sound similar
oh yea the other thing when i first got it started to diagnose things the throttle body was off the head so when you tried to start it it would flame up
if you saying the throttle body was knocked off the insulator, How did it get off ???? if so then you need to make sure that everything is back together and it has no vacuum leaks. make sure that the rubber insulator is not cracked or broken and all clamps are tight and all hoses and wires are connected . My Rincon is a 2005 with a carb, it has enough crap hooked to it. i would not want to trouble shoot a newer efi unit.....good luck....
update: i had tested the compression had no compression so i had adjusted the valves the best that i could, tdc on the compression stroke only the exhaust valves were loose moving , the intake valves were tight didnt move at all im sure i was on the compression stroke, the good news is it started, but i have 160 psi compression and a ticking so im at a stand still again it starts fine runs good but ticks
i think it had to much compression blew it off and knocked the valves out of adjustment
With the intakes tight the cam holder bearing might be bad. The intake side is the bearing that can go bad and let's the cam lift up. The head has to be removed to inspect that.

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that makes sense cause when i was on tdc on the compression stroke the exhaust was loose but intake was super tight and hard to set the clearance, this thing was laid over by the guys kids I think they rolled it pretty hard is it possible the intake valves got bent or the cam chain tentioner in that crash
The crash should of had nothing to do with it but it's possible it was bad and the crash angles let the bearing fall all the way apart. I've replaced enough if them that I know they can fail and cause these issues. Release the tensioner for the cam chain and see if the tappets loosen up.

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got it to tdc on the compression stroke loosened up the cam chain tentioner the intake tappets loosened up a little bit reset the clearance, tightened the tentioner back up and i still had some play after tightening it up put it back together still ticking, could that chain tentioner be the culprit? or is this a sign of that cam bearing, i did put a stethoscope around the bearing the tappets and valve areas theres really no differnce in sound in any place ill try to see if i can post video im feeling pretty good that were getting it narrowed down to a couple things
From the way it sounds, if it was in my shop, I would be taking the head off to inspect. Unless the tensioner isn't springing back the tension like it's suppose to. Even then the head might need to be removed to see if it jumped time. They are way under powered when they do that. Gaskets aren't exactly cheap for what they are but it could be the cheaper inspection.

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can that tentioner be replaced easily or do you have to take the head off to do that
ive never took a head off I have the book it dont look difficult may be the next move
It's simple, a couple bolts and it's off. If it is bad it's possible it jumped time and caused the backfire that blew the throttle body off. A bad spark plug can do that also though. I've been around enough of these I can tell usually what it is by the noise being made. Bad part is you have to be there in person to hear the noise perfectly. Vids amplify the sounds and make it tough to determine.

When using the flat screwdriver to release tension, if you pull it out (and you didn't go all the way to lock it) it should spring back. If it doesn't then the spring broke in it. That's not a uncommon thing on these either.

From the way it sounds you got the machine non running so it's hard to say if one thing could have been bad and led to another.

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Back to the Rincon project,took that tensioner off there was no Tention on it, it doesn't seem to push in at all or spring I put my finger in the cam shaft tentioner hole the chain is really loose i think you are right, i think that confirms it jumped timing the chain bottoms out so the tensioner won't do any good. So the last option is takeing the head off, to explore further is there Special tools needed to do this job
Just regular hand tools, no special tools needed.

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