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2006 or 2007

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Hello everyone. I'm about to get a new Foreman. Does anyone know what differences there are between the 2006 and 2007 models. The specs look the same. Maybe they improved something between models. It looks like I can get a 2006 about $200 or $300 cheaper than an 2007.
Thanks for any input.
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If you get the 2007 ES with power streering, also the 2007 model have only one tail, that I personnaly dont like.

My 2 cents.

I agree with ducky. I do not like the one tail light in the center. If you notice all the advertising adds I've seen do not show the 2007's from the rear. I saw one at a dealer and was very disappointed the way it looked. Trust me when I am spending 5 to 6 thousand dollars on a toy I want it to look good. To get the power stearing though you may have to settle. Tough Choice! Still your getting a HONDA though. Best machine on the market.
I also did notice that the 07 has only one oil cooler where the 06 has 2 and the 07 is supposed to have a higher intake tube but I have not seen that for myself yet.
I went by my local dealer today. They didn't have any 2006 left. The salesman said the only difference he new for sure was the tail light. I already know from another post that a 2005-2006 Warn winch mount won't fit a 2007 Foreman because the braces in front where the mount goes is now shaped like channel iron instead of tubing. He also told me that they carry Ramsey winches instead of Warn. I emailed some places for quotes today and unless I get some back and the 2006 is alot cheaper I'll probably just go with a 2007.
I see you live in Mississippi. You might check Lake Hill Motors in Corinth Ms. They are a high volume dealer and have the best prices in the country. On their website they indicate they still have 2006 models in stock. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Thanks Foreman500es
I have requested a quote from them.
Where did you see that the 07 has only one oil cooler? I don't mind the single tail light, if it is only $200-$300 dollars I would go with the newer one. Resale if for no other reason.
CLOUSEAU..... Another good dealer that is close to you is in Chattanooga Tn. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> They have real good prices as well and have 2006's in stock. Good Luck
I kind of prefer my single taillight as opposed to the earlier models. Not as much light but, from riding with my friends, the single taillight in the box is more well protected.

A few of them have torn their lights out from under the fender by roots or limbs and such. That's probably why Honda changed it. That and it's cheaper for them to make.
like someone has said before the 2 lights look cool
QUOTE ("JWJR":3vfulw4i)
look someone has said before the 2 lights look cool
Hey, I was just stating my opinion. I guess I'm just the only one who prefers the single light.
i didnt mean any thing by that and i ment to put like instead of look i type fast than i think
Single taillight is better protected.........
QUOTE ("JWJR":1ynn566a)
i didnt mean any thing by that and i ment to put like instead of look i type fast than i think
No problem.

The single light is also LEDs... I'm not sure but I think the double ones were just bulbs. Not sure if it's really any brighter though.
i didnt know they was LEDs. LEDs take less current draw and they have lot longer life time than regular lights. and does any one know for sure it the 07 has 1 oil cooler cuz my parents are talking about co-signing on a four wheeler and im wanting a foreman ES or S
As far as I know there is still two. I don't remember reading anything about a change in the oil coolers on Honda's site. Hopefully Honda Mech. will chime in.
i might get an 07 since its only 3 or $400 more fora brand new bike
talk, talk, talk

Ive been checking you out lately. Do you even have a bike. How can you talk all that smack when you dont even own your own bike. I think you know who I'm talking about jwjr whatever. Have you even been on a big ride yet with your borrowed fathers bike. I say unless you"ve been there quit talking the talk until you can walk the walk.
no i dont have my own bike but since im only 16 and still liveing hat hom have i use dads until i got my own and i have bee on a few nise sized rides
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