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QUOTE ("Eric":14n5sh0e)
Use the hot wire for the Accessory plug..............don't cut into your ignition wires. The plug has its own ~1' harness; you can remove it from both the plug and the machine, take it to the bench and make your splice. Waterproof best you can and put back on machine
Just pull the connector out into the wheel well. Find the hot wire at the connector. Then on the access plug side use one of the blue crip connectsand splice in. Make sure to clean the wires first the once the splice is made use either silicone caulk and gob it on or use a very large heat shrink it. This way all that needs to be fixed if the wiring fails is the accessory plug pig tail. This works well for any exterior wiring.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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