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2006 Foreman Tippy?

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I just moved up to a Honda 500FE 4X4 and was wondering if anyone else thought it was tippy.I have a 300 and a 450ES that seem to handle a lot better.
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I noticed the same thing. I rode a friend of mines 500 Foreman & it did seem
more tippier than our 450's. Maybe it is just because i'm so use to ours.
Tippy Foreman

I have been on the same trails with my other ATV's And no problem but my 500 came over my head on the way down and tipped over once on a side trail while I was dismounting not even moving!
Ive tipped mine like 3 times, but suprisingly the times I thought it would happen, it did not!
I tipped mine last weekend. Seemed like it tipped very easy. I ran over a sawed down tree stump (4 inch diamter, 6 inch tall), my handlebars whipped to the left and I lost control. Atv went sideways just a fuzz, and I started to feel it begin to tip, I bailed off and grabbed it before it rolled over.
Mine feels like that sometimes but I just thought it was the tires. They seem very "soft". But if you guys are still feeling it after putting big tires on it,.... I wonder if it's the shocks are to soft?
I think that it is the soft springs that honda puts on. I put new springs from HL on and it is alot stiffer but not as tippy.
mine only got tippy when i was a bottle of GIN into the ride
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I could only wish that was the problem I rolled it without any help
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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