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2006 Foreman Electric Shift Issue

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Just picked up an 06 Foreman ES that needs a little work. Electric Shift goes in and out and previous owner included a new angle sensor with the sale. Plan to change all fluids and give it a tune up so I have an accurate timeline moving forward. No clicks or clacks on sharp turns during test ride, but I’ve got a torn boot on the front. I’ll check bearings and CV axels once it’s lifted up.

I’d like to pull the ES gears and check the grease and switch to white lithium. Read it solves a lot of problems with the ES. Also plan to pull the angle sensor and swap that out as well to see if I can get this solved. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where these two are located. Also, if you have any tips or other things that I should check while this is being done please let me know. This will be a hunting ATV no mudding or abuse in its future.

Just joined the site, I’ll need a service manual in the near future, not sure if there are downloads available but I’ll be sure to check. Thanks for your time looking forward to talking with everyone.
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Angle sensor and shift motor at front of engine , center lower
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