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2006 Foreman 500

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I just picked up a 06 foreman S, anything I need to know, watch out for, etc, etc...
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Yip. Have a blast with it!!
Watch out for them mud holes, they jump out at ya when your out riding it!
its addictive. itll go where ya wanna go. just read the forums.
better git some aftermarket cv guards!
HUGE TIRES!!!! LOL, congrats on your new Foreman.
CV Guards

Would the a-arm guards be consider the same thing as cv guards??
Yes...And one more thing to look out for.....Be wary of others pointing, talking, and taking pics of you in mud holes that others won't go in...Sorry....It comes with owning a 500 Foreman....I know...the wife has one... " I'M JELLOUS "....
Don't know if you are new to ATVs or not, but watch out for when you get comfortable riding through the trails. When you find, you can hit the throttle in a turn to flip the back end around to make a sharper turn, you can get comforatable and braver doing this and this is when that darn pine tree or other tree will jump out in front of you very quickly. I promise, it hurts for a while. It tamed me down and no longer try to see how fast I can travel throught the trails.
New atv's

I'm new to atv's, but not to trail riding and getting hurt. I quit Motocross to ride the atv. Thanks for the tip though... My next stupid question is this: Dealer tells me that at 20 hours the 06 Foreman needs the valves adjusted & carb cleaned, oil changed, etc.. on it's first service. I agree 100% with all but the valve adjustment.. I don't like the thoughts of the shop mechanic tearing into my New engine. Does the Foreman "Need" the valves adjusted, after 20 hours of 5mph to 15 mph riding?? My Yzf 250 would go 60-100 hours without a valve adjustment of much harder riding. I don't plan on riding in mud, or putting any stress at all on the machine, it's purley to follow my kids on small bikes & explore some trails.
there was a "break-in" post somewhere, really usefull info. Maybe someone can link it for you.
The valve adjustment is done by them removing a valve cap and adjusting it. Not a big deal. If you are going to play in water and or mud, you need to either seal your recoil off or get a recoil cover to seal it. Either way you need to seal the recoil starter off or you could ruin your engine. Welcome to utility atving!!!! I too came over from motocross and while atvs are not near as exciting it is a blast none the less!!! I raced Hondas for years and since 03 been on Yamahas (YZ125,YZ250, and a YZ250F) I just sold my "04 250F back in Oct and while I miss riding I have alot of fun doing this mud thing too!
I had my valves adjusted at the 20 hour just to make sure no warranty problems would pop up at a later date. Don't know if mine was out of adjustment, but did it all for my 20 hour maintenance. Will do my own preventive maintenance fro now own though. Not sure about valve adjustments though. Will see later.
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