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2006 carb spring ?

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Does anybody know if I can cut the carb spring on a 2006 rubicon?
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I cut mine over 6 mo. ago and didn't see any change but it didn't hurt anything either.
Thanks "mswrcr29" .I guess if it didnt hurt, I might as well try it. I cant believe that nobody else on this fourm didnt even try it !
I did it, and it made a BIG DIFFERENCE, on mine.
I think everybody that says HUGE DIFFERENCE is full of it. I have cut the spring and didn't really notice anything special. Then I drilled out the vacuum piston. I don't know if any of this made a real difference but like stated above it didn't hurt.
You got me on this one, what is cutting the spring supposed to do?
the sprng begin shorter is going to act like a softer spring allowing the vacume to pull the slide up faster i didnt notice much of anyhting from the spring clip but did frim drilling the slide
Cut it today. Didnt notice much of a difference. Maybe a little. It must be time to order the hmf exhaust with jets and a k&n.
Where did you cut

Where you cutting and how are you doing this. any pics?
Take your seat off to get to the top of your carb . Take the 4 screws out of the top (vacuum diaphragm) . Remove it carefully . There is a long spring in there . Count the coils .Start with @ 8 and go from there .( @ an inch).I chopped @ 10 on mine. A little difference ,not much on mine . I did just do a K & N ,hmf utility muffler (w/ a quit core )and a jet .BIG DIFFERENCE ! Pretty easy to do also !! Took @ a hour and a half . Now it will pull the front wheels up and spin the 26 M/L tires on the street in low !!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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