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2006 AT does not like the water

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Hello to all,, just found this site. My bike stalls in the water as soon as the water reaches the exhaust depth she'll just quit. I've had to stand it from a tree and drain the water a couple of times now. I love the water but hate being dead in it, any suggestions
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die electric grease on the plug wire? Carb drain plugged? Carb vents snorkeled?
I'll give that a shot thanks
My wife had the same problem with the SAME bike.. Just above the right rear tire..( If sitting on the bike ) There are 2 connections mounted on the frame under the plastic. Unplug these and put dialectic grease on them as Robb said. This cured the problem for good.. Good Luck..
they reson it is cuttin out when your exaust goes under is because you don't have enough back pressure you can try puttin a high compression piston are turnin up your idle and that should do it
you need to dialectra grease all of your electrical connections the get some spray on silicon and cover the outside of the connections then give to 24 to 36 hours to dry
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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