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2006 500 Foreman Steering

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I just got the wife a 2006 500 foreman and the front tires look like they are facing way out. Is this normal? She said that it is very difficult to steer in sugar sand, and I dont have a Problem in sand. I have a HL lift on the Rincon and had to adjust the front end straight again. She has no lift and her tires look way out of " wack ". Do I adjust her front end or does Honda do this on purpose?

Signed " trying to get the wife straight " Ha Ha Ha
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Pictures to follow...Stand By
The TRX500FE/FM toe out 30mm plus or minus 15mm ... Which is quite a large range..
1/2 inch toe out is what i shoot for.
sounds like your dealer may have missed the setup on your steering.
Here are the front ends of both..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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