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2005 Rincon

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Just talked to a guy by me that is selling his 2005 Rincon with just over 17,000 ,miles on it and runs strong. That should tell a little about Honda....reliability.


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That ain't no lie. I'd buy it in a heart beat. What's he askin?
he put it in Northern Michigan's craig's list for sale you can look there.
Going to pick up a brand new 2015 Rincon this morning. Couldn't pass up a sweet deal I was offered by the dealership. Anything I should know about this bike, as I don't know much about Hondas.....
Don't put huge tires on it and slightly overfill it with oil.

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Slightly over fill by how much, and why may I ask? I noticed that it shifts rather hard when putting it in drive, or reverse. Is there a way to fix this issue? It's like the rpm is up too high.
I fill them to the top of the flat part of the dipstick. It helps with cold starts and when climbing hills. You have to shift them kind of fast into gear. Sometimes the iacv sticks and makes them idle high but you would notice if that was an issue.

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It does sound like its idling too high, but I didn't think too much of that because it's brand new and all. Like I've stated, It has a slight clunk in D, and also in R.
They idle a little high which makes that clunk in the subtransmission normal when shifting. If the iacv was sticking the machine would leave without you when put into gear.

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give it a little time to break in, then put synthetic oil in.

I just picked up a set of 489's 25-10-12 for front and 25-12-12 for the rear of my 2005 Rincon. They were bought new and never used, local auto repair shop only wanted $100 for all four, he just wanted them gone. a customer bought them over a year ago and never came back. they fit good on my stock rims. i was a little worried that it would steer harder with the 10"s on the front going slow but it seems the same.
I was halfway thinking, that maybe it'll run and feel different after I break it in. So, thank you guys so much for helping.
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