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2005 Rincon Shut off? wont start

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I just purchased a used 2005 Rincon 650 with 135 hours on it. It looks to be in good shape for its age. The test ride was fine and it ran great.
The first time I used the ATV for any length of time I had an issue. After about an hour, it started running run and shut off. After that it would not start. After ab0out an hour it started fine. 30 minutes later, the same thing happened. It started running ruff, then died. Its happened now 6 or 7 times and at times from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.
I've replaced drained the flat bowl, and replaced the spark plug and put on a new in line fuel filter. No change.
I then replaced the coil and plug cap. No change.
I hate just swapping parts so I'm asking for some guidance. Yesterday, after installing the new coil, it ran 10 minutes before shutting off. I replaced the coil because I thought that the problem was related to heat. It didn't get that hot in 10 minutes plus its now got a brand new coil. It almost reminds me of a fuel issue (Carb), but it runs perfect for awhile before it dies and if you wait 40 minutes to an hour it starts up perfect. I would think a Carb issue would be present all the time.
The dealer mentioned it "MAY" the Ignition Pulse Generator, but I don't know. I've read some online where it "MAY" by the "ECM" (that's expensive).

Any suggestions?

If I have to rebuild the carb would it make more sense to purchase a new one( I se them online for $75 or so)(OEM is $325). I'm hoping someone has had this exact problem.
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Welcome to the board.

Next time it dies, immediately take the air cover lid off and shoot some starter fluid in the intake, and see if the bike fires off.

If it does, you have a fuel delivery problem. If it doesn't, you have a spark problem.
Thanks I'll try that today
ok. I didn't even try to run it around. I started it and let it idle. In 4 minutes it started idling rough the coughed and dies. Would not restart. I opened the airbox, shot some starting fluid on the air filter and it fired right up. I left it to idle and in 30 sec or so it started to run rough again. Before it died I shot some more starting fluid in there and the idle smoothed out and the RPM's increased. So would I be safe to assume its not electrical, its a fuel problem?

Other than pulling the carb off again and cleaning it up, what would you recommend?

After it stalls and dies, it have to wait 40 minutes to an hour to get it running again.
Are you sure the gas in the tank is good fresh gas that isn't contaminated?

Are you sure the choke is completely off (see if the knob has any freeplay, sometimes the choke plunger will stick and the choke stays on when you think it's off)

If you've ruled those out, could be a clogged petcock, clogged petcock screen, or a dirty carb. Could also be a clogged vent line on the gas tank, which creates a vacuum on the tank and doesn't allow fuel to flow well.

First thing to do is crank it up and if it starts to idle rough or dies, unscrew the gas cap and see what it does. If it still idles rough or dies, turn the petcock to reserve and see if that helps.

If none of those work, you'll have to pull the tank, remove the petcock, and try to blow it out with compressed air. If you do this, use an impact on the two 8mm bolts holding the petcock to the tank. Those bolts are screwed into metal inserts that are in a plastic tank, so a lot of times the insert will start spinning before the bolt breaks loose and you end up ruining the tank. If you have to take the petcock off use an impact to snap the bolts loose before the inserts spin in the plastic.

I use a 1/2" impact with a 3/8's adapater, and then a 1/4 adapter on the 3/8's so I can use the right 8mm socket for those petcock bolts.
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1. Gas is fresh

2. The choke seems like its off. It wont stay open without me holding it in the first place

3. I'll have to pull the tank and check the petcock

4. I've already pulled the fuel cap off to check the vent system and it had no effect

5. I plan on pulling the carb again to verify its clean or to replace. Have you heard any feedback on aftermarket carbs like this.....
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Check your petcock first. If it runs fine for a bit it doesn't sound like a carb problem, it sounds like it's starving for fuel.

If the petcock is clear, don't buy an aftermarket carb. Every once and awhile someone will get one that works, but much more often they don't.

Take yours apart and clean it and reassemble.

I boil mine on a camp stove in a pot of lemon juice. You have to be careful to keep the throttle position sensor (left side of carb where an electrical plug goes) out of the boiling liquid, but boiling lemon juice does a great job of getting everything cleaned out.

Or get a new OEM carb.
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Thanks for the ideas. I’ll post results as soon as Hurricane Michael finishes it’s warpath
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