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My 350 Rancher is rode by my 11 year old grandson,well when he sits on it the front of the seat near the tank seems to raise up an inch or so above the tank.The little arm that holds the seat under the tank is there but there must be a lot of play there or something because it looks like its gonna fly right off,the seat that is.anyone elses do this.
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mine does this too,
doesnt seem to big of a problem as it is still clipping in in the rear of the seat
the front just seems as a "guide point" or something of that kind
Actually I found the problem,there are two hooks on the seat,one in the front by the tank and one about halfway back,That one has been riding on top of the part on the bike where its supposed to go under.We pushed down on the seat hard and then slid it under and now its much better.I think its been put on wrong everytime we took it off.Its right now though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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