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2005 Honda winch mounts (WARN)

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: I hve the new foreman 500 and a winch. Do I have to wait for the new mounting kit for the winch or will the 450ES mounting kit work?
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I also have a new 500, but no mount. They are not released yet. I was wanting to get one right away plus get a plow. Well of course there are no mounts. They did tell me that they should be out by the middle of next month. I checked several dealers and that is what they all said.
The only way it can be done so far is to fabricate your own so far. None are being made yet.
Thanks for the udate, also has some of the cheapest prices around too.
winch mounts

e-winches does claim to have a mount for the 2.5 WARN. Although,after doing some riding in snow, I think I'm going to mount my winch with the multi mount or an Accessory Receiver System from
Behind my bumper(where the winch would be seated) were several inches of solid ice. That cant be too good for the winch.

2005 Foreman ES
The good thing about multi mount systems is you can put the heavy winch in the back. Plus it will keep the winch from pushing through the mud and water, making it last longer.
2005 warn winch mounts

the new winch mounts are now available(fixed front). Part# 70830
you can also get them here.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Question? Has anybody noticed a difference with the weight gain by adding a winch? I am thinking about putting one one but am concerned about the added weight in the front end. there are a lot of times i am "floating" the front end going threw holes to keep the air intake dry. almost water wheeling really. also any speed or power difference? any opinions would be great. thanks
Good question, weight is the one reason keeping me from getting a winch, its to much fun to float the front end!
I don't know form experience but i would think that the 30 to mayboe 40 pounds the winch and plate would add wouldn't make that big of a difference. Especially if you have bigger tires than stock.
Robb, get the multi mount and put it on the back. It will be behind the rear axle and help you get the front end up.
Well, has anyone found a good place to buy a Warn winch mount? Budman, did you purchase yours from e-winches? If so how much? I just bought a Warn 3.0 and I need to get a mounting kit quick! Any updated info. would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I am not sure, but I heard that the Warn 3.0 might not fit because of the frame.
i am in way to much water to step up and get a winch. I think i would break it the first time out.
Just thought I'd let you know that I found a mount at for $59.99 + $11.99 shipping. I'll let you know how it works once I have it installed. Thanks for the help!

P.S. - A few guys on eBay claim to have them as well. However, I don't think there is much of a price difference. I'll keep you posted.
I am brand new here but wanted to add my two cents.

The 450 winch plate will work on the 05's, I have one on mine right now. The dealers were given a letter by warn(I was shown the letter) telling them not to use the 04 plates on the new bikes. This I was told this was to save warn money. If everyone knew that the old plates would work then no one would buy the new ones. Anyway the only trick with the 04 plate is to turn it around backwards. Winch bolts right up with all the same hardware. I was told by the dealer that sold me the plate that I would need longer U bolts, but I did not. The u-bolts from the box fit great. Now if only the winch would have held up better than the plate . Well thats another story.
Just curious...what happened to your winch? Is it a Warn? My brother in-law has had his 2.5 for five years now on his Rancher. I'm here to tell ya...that thing goes through some nasty stuff! But, that winch works as well as the first day he installed it. Just curious...
Yes it is a warn 2500. Yes it left me stranded.

I don't know what happened. It just quit pulling after about the 3 time I used it. Apparently the winch motor has burned up. I have submerged it quite a bit. I like to swim I guess. LOL Anyway, warn will stand behind it and it will be sent off to be repaired. The service manager said that I probably got the last winch built on friday at the plant. LOL I hope it will last longer than a month next time.
Try to pull the motor apart on the winch. If it gets water and sand in there, it can corode the metal> It happened to mine a couple times. Just work it until the motor will rotate (I put a little grease on the brushes too), the reassemblr and I bet it will work good as new.
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