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hi all
my 2005 with electric shift is giving me headaches.
at first is started sputtering in reverse, no power. Now in forward it acts like the brakes are on, lugs real bad until i get it going- won't go up a hill.
the D1D2ESP is flashing 6 times. this is where i get confused. the manual says ECM module.. google search says the angle sensor, another one says carb needs cleaned.
I OHM'd out the angle sensor and it's lower then the manual says it should be. measured voltage to it from the ECM and matches manual,,
I can reset the ECM and get the flashing code to stop, reverse seems fine but still issue with forward.
if i shut the key off and start it back up, i get the 6 flashes again, replaced the angel sensor - reset the ECM and it does the exact same thing
only other work I did was replaced the front differential
any thoughts was be greatly appreciated
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