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2005 Foreman 500 license plate

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Hello guys,

Just wondering if you guys have a license plate that you have to install
on your quad?

Us in Canada (québec) need to install it on the back rack and was wondering if any of you have pics of where you put the plate?

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I dont think anyone in the US would have one? They dont offer some kind of bracket as an option in Canada?
Nope, they dont, I have put some tie-rap on it but look silly!

Okay then, will probably leave it like this !

Thank's anyways.

Was wondering if you have any t-shirts left?

yeah I do, PM me size.
Here is where we have to mount our plates
go to and click on Automotive / ATV Then once it loads click on > ATV Accessories, once it loads scroll down and click on ATV Street Legal Kit
You got to love the Canucks! I wonder how they are read after a long day of mudding.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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