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2005 Foreman 500 Clutch kit

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Has anyone seen one yet?
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truegrit is Sarno realy closed or just the parking area?
Trugrit ,I dont know if they changed anything on the 500.My 450 wasnt that hard.Dont rush the job and pay close attention to removal.(BIG IMPROVEMENT)
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truegrit is Sarno realy closed or just the parking area?
The newspaper said they were going to close the area around Crystal Lake. The the pond across from the flea market where all the little kids ride. Some people said it was interfering with the flea market. But to me its more likely the Sport Quads catwalking down the black top.

I am going out there Friday PM and maybe Sunday (Easter) for a bit I'll let you know how it goes.
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truegrit is Sarno realy closed or just the parking area?
Here is an exerpt for the article in March 16th Florida Today (I'm too cheap to buy a complete copy of the article)

"County authorities are clamping down on an unauthorized dirt-bike track off the western end of Sarno Road. Trespassers will first be warned, then arrested. The track is a wheel-beaten parcel immediately west of Interstate 95's southbound exit ramp. Swarmed by bikers and ATV riders on weekends, the area is loathed as a nuisance by residents of adjacent Jones Road. Responding to a January petition drive organized by residents"
Is that the black hole?
The front I understand but the back where the real mud riding is, by the sounds of the news, is still open. Yeah bro let me know! Need to ride with ya soon.
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Is that the black hole?
This is in Melbourne, by the flea market (Eau Gallie Blvd & I 95)
oh ok i was gonna say 5a and seaworld were gonna be the only places left. lol
good work detective - you gonna give it a shot? I want to do this to mine too.
I pm'd Chad-G to see if he would be interested in helping put one on if I order it.
cool...yeah im sure he will help you out.
I have been interested in doing the same. I feel it might be much for me to do solo.
let me know how the parts quality is and how hard to put in.

Question? they show one for the ES but not the S is there a difference?
My HL box had written on it 450Sand 450ES for certain years
I installed my clutch today, buttoned it up and added the oil. Fired it up put it in gear and it leaped off the jack stand. Luckily I killed it before it ran out the garage door. I called EPI and they said I installed the one way bearing backwards. and of course I have to remove everything again to get to it and drain the oil again. Well at least I have practice at it.
I'll do a write up on when I get it completed 100%.
that sounds a little scary! good thing no one got hurt there, was it hard work?
Its not hard just cramped spaces and time consuming getting everything out of the way. It should only take another hour to get it right.
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