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Hi Guys,I am looking to buy a brand new 2005 Foreman 500 2x4.Let me in on the good and bad and also what I should I expect to spend out the door for it.Thanks for the help.Chris.
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$3,783.00 at Southern Powersports in Chattanooga, Tn. Here is the website.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... facturer=1</a>
Are you sure you don't want the 4wd model? I have known a few folks who
bought the 2wd model & are kickin' themselves in the butt for not gettin' a
I would second the 4x4 model, if you are in Iowa and will be doing snow riding you will be thankfull for 4x4 and a set of chains

But to answer your Question there is a dealer around me in Wisconsin selling the Honda FourTrax Foreman TM MSRP $5,399 Sale $3999
That is kind of there get you in the door special
Their 2005 or 2006 Foreman is FourTrax Foreman™ 4X4 (TRX500FM)
M.S.R.P. $6,399.00 So I would guess they would want around 4999 starting price for the 2005

Good luck with your decision, your starting right by wanting the foreman
If you really want a 2wd then go for it. If you are wanting a 4wd and you are sweating the price of a 4wd then buy the 4wd. Two wheel drives are harder to sell then 4wd model used. The 4wd will not lose its value as fast. You will never kick yourself in the but for having a 4wd. The time you need a 4wd becuase you are stuck real bad, you will be wishing that you spent the money. But again if you know htat you will never need the 4wd then go for a 2 wheel.
I would third the 4wd motion. My last quad was a 2wd and I could barely go anywhere.
I'd get the 4X4 .. The 4X2 model doesn't have the handlebar mounted headlight doesn't have speedometer & gages .. It just has a few idiot lights ..
I ended up getting a blue 2005 2x4 last week and the current under 4k price had a lot to do with it. I'm a conservative rider and plan mostly on riding trails and other marked areas. I also don't plan on riding it in the winter, and a lot of the trail system I plan on riding doesn't open until after spring has past. I also plan on putting a winch on it later this spring to replace a little bit of the piece of mind a 4x4 system would have brought.

I'd looked at getting a recon or rancher as an entry level unit, but at 6-3 220 lbs the 2x4 Foreman 500 was a better fit for me at almost the same price. Would the 4x4 have been nicer? Of course, but the 1400-1800 price difference between the 4x4 units, wasn't in my budget.
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