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New, good battery. When I turn the key to on, none of the indicator lights come on (neutral/green, or red oil pressure). Also, the starter solenoid doesn’t click nor does the starter turn when the start button is pressed.
In the fuse box, the 30 amp main fuse is good and powered. There are two 10 amp fuses, IGN and ACC. These fuses are good and they both receive 12 volts when the key is in the on position and neither have power when the key is turned off. The two remaining fuses are 15 amp for the fan and lights and they’re fine.
I checked the main ground from the battery to the engine and it’s good.
If I turn the key to on, use a jumper across the starter relay, the bike will start and stay running and it will shut off when the key is turned off.
Any thoughts on what is going on or not going ?
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