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2004 Honda foreman es needs jetting help

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Ok so I have a 2004 Honda foreman es it is all stock besides,

2inch pvc snorkel plumbed directly into the air box (no factory rubber boot which I think is a small ID then the 2 inch pvc)

Amazon slip on pipe with the stock header. The pipe it is straight through with glass packing so it’s a pretty free flowing exhaust. Here is a link if it will work.

and 28 inch bkt tires

it seems to start and idle fine but starts to cut up at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle when going through the gears. In neutral I can get it to rev up but have to be slow with the movement of the throttle.If I put a 2 inch to 1 inch pvc reducer on the snorkel it seems to run almost perfect running through the gears and at idle. I played around with the reducer ID size and opened it up from 1.25 inch ID to around 1.37 inch and that made it loose power but with the 1.25 ID it seemed to have good power. So I think it’s running lean. But I want it to run right without the reducer.

I have went through the carb multiple times and everything is spotless. I have lowered the clip on the needle to the slowest slot (raising the needle) with no success I have read through similar post and have seen someone say they run a 135 main jet with the clip on the lowest notch and that’s pretty much it. Is this the ticket?

My main jet is a 130
Pilot is a 45
And the jet on the side near those (not sure the correct name) is a 85
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Well I guess I’m going to order some jets..

135,140,145 main jets and 48,50,52 pilot jets from as I’ve seen others suggest that website here on the forums.

Do I need to get the genuine keihin jets or will the oem equivalent do the job for almost half the price?
Just a update for anyone else that may be needing the info. I ended up going with a 135 main jet and factory pilot jet and moving the clip to the lowest slot and now it runs much better.
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