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2004 Foreman S factory & maintenance manual

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I've recently purchased a 2004 Foreman 450 S - what a machine!! I wouldn't mind having a copy of the factory manual/handbook, as well as a maintenance manual. I haven't been able to find either online Anybody know of any sources? Also, which is the better maintenance manual - Haynes or Clymer? Thx.
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For Honda Factory Service Manuals go to
these are not Haynes or Clymer. They are the Honda Factory Shop Manuals. Parts manuals are also available as well as the "Common Service manual. The Factory shop manual is in the neighborhood of $50 but worth every penny. You can get the original owners manual, but I dont know the cost. It shlouldn't be that much.

Another Idea is to Join the HRCA ( and for about $7.00 a year you can download your factory shop manual.

I strongly recomend the Factory manual over the others if you can spend the bucks. Try the HRCA route and view it on line. Before spending the big bucks. It beats the other cheaper service manuals hands down.

My opinion. for what its worth.
Try Ebay, That's where I got mine for my 98 foreman and 02 Rubicon. Seem to be many on there. Available as a manual or CD.
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