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2004 Foreman 4x4 problems..............

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I noticed this a few weeks ago. When I filp the switch from 2wd to 4x4. the indicator light comes on but it would not always be in 4x4. Then Saturday it started it again. I turned it off and on then to 4x4 and it worked, but later in the day it would not engage in 4 wheel at all but indicator light said it was.

We could hear a click in the solonoid by the front drive shaft ( where the 4x4 switch is wired to ) but it was like it would not engage.

Anyone have any advice or similar problems????
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Well you know that you are getting fire to the switch, I would say pull it and see if it is moving.
update to post

I have researched the part I am calling a solonoid and it is actually the front clutch assembly - if it is not electrical, hope I can get a clutch kit for this thing.
check and make sure you axle didnt pop out....... i have had a circlip come off in the axle and it sliped out which made the 4x4 not work......
bnuts30 is right the same thing happended to me ruined a c series type 4 rim
Honda Mechanic

I was hoping to hear from you on this!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is the problem........

Honda shop called this morning - The inner axle joint has gone bad - Will have to rework front end - They are going to replace all seals and bearings and the joint - about $500 was estimate -

I never thought I would here this from a Honda with less than 1000 miles -
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