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2004 Foreman 450 noise

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I have an 04 Foreman. After a day of hard riding the bike started making a topend clicking noise and wouldn't run right. Sounded like a lifter. I checked the lifters, they were adjusted fine. Pulled the engine out and found the problem. The tensioner for the timing chain had broken which allowed the chain to flop around. Going to put it back together and do the gear reduction at the same time. Just something to keep in mind if your engine starts making a topend clicking noise. Done talking now.
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yea it amazing how the sound will travel up into the engine making it hard to locate the it.
I just wonder how many foremans have had the cam chain tensioners fail,or do they all do it?
as long as the chain doesn't get kinked or stretched, I would think it would last for every. I change my chains about every two years now. We push our bikes pretty hard and it is a wear item. I have only broken one tensioner out of three foremans and that was due to neglect, the bike had over 10,000 hard miles on it.
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