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2004 carb fit on a 2002???

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Hi to all, i'm a newbie on this site.

Does any one know if a 04 carb will fit on my 02 Rubicon?
The 02 part# is 16100-HN6-003
The 04 is 16100-HN2-A01
Or does anyone know the difference?
Thanks Jeff
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2002 carb is: 16100-HN2-013
2004 carb is: 16100-HN2-A01

Both carbs have the same needle/jet jet/needle , jet holder , main jet , slow jet , jet ...

Part function code , model code are the same , specification code is different but it should fit ok ..
When i looked it up the middle #'s were different HN2, HN6. I hope it works, Ebay $50+15 for shipping for brand new, what a deal.
Thanks jeff
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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