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2004 450ES power question. I need your help!!!

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I have a 450ES, as you can see, I have added a few extras. I am wondering about some power! I got in some sticky stuff and it just didn't have the response I was looking for. I have been told to get a clutch kit or something like that. What does it take to get a quicker response when wrestling in the mud?? If a clutch kit is the way to go, what does this require? If you all can help, I would appreciate it.
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clutch kit will help alot. if you dont mind losing some top end speed, the a gear reduction would do great.
What is the difference between a clutch kit and a gear reduction? Can you explain a little bit about both of them? I am mechanically inclined, I just don't know much about the terminology.
Clutch Kit- Right now when you give you foreman gas, it just takes off. What a clutch kit does is delay that takeoff by about 500rpms. What this does is let you get higher up in the powerband before the wheels turn.

Gear reduction- Kinda like putting different gears in a truck. like going from 4.1:1 to 5.38:1. (not sure if it was 5.38 or 5.83). It seems like you get alot more power but its just bigger gears. with the gear reduction, it allows you to turn any tire that you want but puts you at a greater risk of tearing something up. the down side to this is that you loose top-end speed but its not like a foreman has a whole lot of that anyway.
These sound exactly like what I need. Can you recommend a site to go to pick these up, and is it a pain in the a$$ to do this work? Thanks for your help with this.
wel highlifter has an outlaw clutch kit that i heard works really good and they also have a gear reduction kit but its not on the website for some reason!?
Thanks guys! I am on a mission now!
I put the clutch kit in my old 04 450, and it was a noticable difference, but I found that in deep thick mud, i still wanted a little more.

I know have a 400 project bike, that I am going to do the clutch and gear reduction kits to.
What about a bigger bike? I could just sell my 459 and buy something bigger with more power. I don't know. What is the biggest Honda makes?
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