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2003 Rubicon Troubles

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I have a TRX 500, when I put it in reverese, it will hardly run, it sputters like it is flooded. Also it doesn't seem to have any power when in forward. The electric shift will not work either. This happened all at once, has anyone ever had anything like this happen before?
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Does the angle sensor have anything to do with this, just a guess, I am sure someone on here will know something. I bet mechaninc will know something.
When I mentioned the problem to a buddy of mine, he said it could be a sensor of some kind. What is an angle sensor?
I don't know exactly what it does, since I don't have to deal with it on mine, but I know that it plays a vital role in the shifting of the electronic trannies. If it is not giving the correct signal it will cause you transmission to act up or not work at all.

I know that they are not to hard to replace I don't think they are terribly expensive either. I believe it is on the front of the case.
Front engine cover next to the electric shifter, it is tucked behind a metal bracket. You will be able to see where it is by where the wire harness plugs into it.
It sounds to me like you have two problems but they may have started at the same time,

As far as the shifting check the connections, the angle sensor and the shift motor

As far as the sputtering check the spark plug for richness, if it looks good did you go into deep water, is the spark plug cover filled with dielectric grease, maybe if all looks good check the snorkel is it resticked at all, maybe even drain the bowl on the carb. Just a few thoughts.
It's going into limp mode..Is the gear selector flashing a code .. Has the bike been initialized ..?..If not it should be..

Check the speed sensor by pushing the bike by hand with the key ON... The speedo should read 2-5 MPH forward and backward ..
Next check the angle sensor..
It does have all three shift postions flashing on the speedometer. I haven't checked the speed sensor yet, what is initailizing the bike mean??
Count the flashes ... But do this also ..


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Mechanic you are a good guy to have around, no matter what the problem we can count on you to have some sort of help.
Mr Mechanic,
Thanks for all the help in trying to get my 4-wheeler running. My computer has been down because of the hurricane & haven't been able to get back with you. I have replaced the angle sensor and reset the bike with the instructions that you sent me. Resetting it made it run fine, but the D1,D2, & ESP lights are still blinking all at the same time. And when driving it in D1 high it is going like it is in low. Also when I cut it off, I have to reset it again. When I took the angle sensor out, I heard the spring inside the cap release tension, so when I put it back in I twisted it so that it would have tension, should I have not done that? Also when I reset it I don't hear anything happen when I do the last step with the throttle. Any input to what I need to do? Thanks again!!
i hate to tell you this but i think the tranny is going bad. when ever the rubicon does that 99.9% of the time the tranny is going bad.
When you first turn the bike on do you hear the shift motor trying to run..just for a second .. ?
ya know what that means?

RINCON 680 EFI!!!!!
We've had several that the shift motor tries to turn just for a second when the key is turned on .. If yours does this the shift motor is bad .. When this happens the bike will miss badly in reverse .. and the dash flashes ..
The shift motor can be taken apart and the brushes cleaned but re-assembly is a 2 man job ..
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