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2003 rubicon oil change

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Does the 2003 rubicon have two drain plugs for engine oil? Can't find the owners manual and this is the first time he's changing oil.(bought it used)
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It should just have one. You have to take the skid plates off to get to it.
There is 1 drain plug for the engine oil and 1 drain plug for the oil tank .. The front skid plate has to be removed to change the oil filter ..
Thanks.I got around to changing it last night.I removed the front half of the skid plate and found both plugs.Changed the filter too.It took 4 quarts to fill the tank,then I started it and let it idle for a couple minutes.I checked the oil level and it took another 1.5 quarts to get it to the middle of the range on the dipstick.Does this sound right,5.5 QTS.?
Oil Change Amount

5.5 Quarts sounds right to me. I have done 3 oil changes and always end up putting in 5.5 to 5.75 Quarts.
Just did mine the other day, took 5.5-5.75 to fill.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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